Thule Snow Chains

Thule Snow Chains
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THULE Snow Chains
THULE Snow Chains accessories
Thule makes excellent snow chains - well designed, well made, well presented and with some innovative patents. This Thule snow chains website is owned and managed by John Jordan Limited (trading as The Roof Box Company).
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Its important to choose snowchains that are strong enough for your vehicle heavy 4x4s need much stronger chains than smaller cars. Please check your vehicle handbook to see what it says about the use of snow chains.
THULE Snow Chains for cars
THULE Snow Chains/snowchains
THULE Snow Chains for 4x4s, SUVs and light commercial vehicles

Thule snow chains for Cars

With the exception of the K-Summit, Thule car chain codes all start with a C - think of C for Car. Read overview.

Thule snow chains for 4x4s, SUVs and light commercials

With the exception of the K-Summits, Thule SUV / 4x4 snowchain codes all feature an X - think of eXtra strong or 4 X 4. Read overview.
Thule CB-12 snow chains Thule CG-9 snow chains Thule CL-10 snow chains Thule CS-10 snow chains Thule K-Summit snow chains Thule XB-16 snow chains Thule XG-12 snow chains Thule XS-16-Pro snow chains Thule K-Summit-XL snow chains Thule K-Summit-XXL snow chains